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Going Mobile with Your Recording Projects

Going Mobile with Your Recording Projects

Sometimes you just have to get an idea out when the inspiration strikes. I know I do. Many times, I will start making a demo right as I am developing my idea. But it isn’t always convenient or even possible to use my studio gear when a promising idea pops into my head. The good news is, the technology has arrived to overcome this obstacle.

High-end Recording has Gone Mobile

Actually, it has been around for a while. It just keeps getting better. Let me share a story…

About a year ago, a song writing partner of mine, who lives outside of the United States (where I live) and I had secured a gig to compose and produce a jingle through a radio station we work with. We work remotely all the time. My co-writer was at the dentist’s office, with a long wait time, when inspiration struck. She popped her ear buds into her iPhone and started composing–right there in the waiting room! She had a 4-track recording app on her phone, plus a drum machine, plus a program that let her press one key to play a piano chord. She worked out the basic outline of the song and the track on her phone! Later, she sang a guide vocal and sent that rough to me. We used that to start building the demo over–replacing the track and the vocals. But the core of it was there. It had the chord structure, the groove, the exact tempo and time signature. In short, a great guide track.

But now, technology is way beyond that. You can get a full-on DAW to do serious work and tracking right into your mobile device. We’re talking audio, midi, serious editing features. And of course, they are “cloud-ready” so that you can share your work with others and other workstations.

It all comes down to the type of projects you are working on and your specific needs. If you need to record or mix on the go, what you need has now arrived–right on your mobile device.

For further reading, there is a great article here:

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