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Free Exclusive Lead Guitar Loops Oct 2012

A Special Bonus this month is a mega pack of 52 exclusive lead guitar loops for newsletter subscribers only who participate in a short 2 minute survey about our web site. These 52 exclusive loops will never be posted on the site. You can only get them by being on the newsletter mailing list and by taking our survey. Check out a sample of these loops below. These solos were cut into 52 loops. Details on how to get ’em is given in the October 2012 newsletter.

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52 Exclusive Lead Guitar Loops Sample


These loops are played over a faster Workin’ Man’s Blues style groove. Key of A, Tempo 126. 52 Loops. 15.8mb. Played over 3 different Chords (I-IV-V). Various licks in the styles of: Don Rich, Brad Paisley, Brent Mason, Roy Nichols, Steve Travato. Chicken pickin’, open-string licks, bends, pedal steel style bends, etc.


But Remember… These Free Exclusive Loops are ONLY for newsletter subscribers. They will not posted on the general site listings, they are only available by a private link to newsletter subscribers.

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